Sri Lanka is a fascinating travel destination that is very close to India. There are many Sri Lanka tour packages to choose from. Even though it is a tiny nation, Sri Lanka tourism has a lot going for itself. The fact that it is a beautiful island is just the beginning of the list of attractions in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s heritage, culture and cuisine also play a major role in drawing people to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan culture has influences of Buddhism and Hinduism. There are several Buddhist sites and temples to explore. Be prepared to be swayed by their stunning architecture and craftsmanship. In addition Sri Lanka also has great beaches offer a host of water sports and beach activities. Sri Lanka is also home to an impressive and colourful array of aquatic life. Without a doubt, Sri Lanka tours are a treat for those who love to explore wildlife and ecosystems.

What’s more, Ayurveda has also been booming in the nation and is now a strong point of Sri Lanka tourism. Here you can enjoy a lot of therapies. If you are visiting Southern India, a trip to Sri Lanka becomes most convenient and Visa formalities are a breeze. Come and discover Sri Lanka for yourself!

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